August 6, 2012

What JB did to Modern Orthodoxy

If you want to see what a person is, you don't have to know the person at all. All you have to do is look at his talmidim. If his talmidim worship 2 gods then you know the rebbe also worshiped 2 gods. If the talmidim are big lamdonim, but krum like anything, then you know the rebbe was also a big lamdon, but krum like anything. 

So here you have the Torah treating women a certain way, and along comes the modern world and says that the Torah is not being nice to women. Mind you; this is the same modern world that killed 6 million men, women, and children, with cockroach insecticide only 70 years ago. 

So along comes JB's talmidim, and they're going crazy trying to fit the G-d of the Torah into the god of the modern world, because the god of the modern world does not like the Torah. The god of the modern world also does not like how the Torah treats gays, and I already told you that the gay lobby will eventually close down all the yeshivos because of this. (Click July 5)

Not only do the MO worship 2 gods, but they even used god # 2 to attack Rav Elyashev that he had nothing to do with his family. THIS IS A MODERN PROBLEM, NOT A TORAH PROBLEM. In the Torah we see great people who had nothing to do with their family (Ksubos 62b), and I myself saw a gemora where the guy was going away to learn,and his wife told him that the  kids had nothing to eat, and he told them to go collect in the fields (Or something like that) (Eruvin, beginning of 22). 

And Hillell also used half of his money for an entrance fee to learn, and the other half he gave to his wife. (Which must have been very very little) (Yoma 35b) But at the end of the day they made him Nasi (Like a king) and he became rich. 

Anyway; the MO don't know about these gemoras because they're too busy learning the torah of god # 2 in the colleges. And then they have the chutzpa to attack Rav Elyashev as if they understand what G-d wants from us better then he does. By the way, Esau worshiped women because sex was the most important thing in his life, but Yakov put his sons before his wives, like I told you before. (Dec 23) 

Anyway; tonight will be a great night for Klall Yisrael, because the MO Siyum Hashas (By Dov Linzer) will show a lot of it's true colors, and how they turn the Torah upside down to make it fit their progressive feminist agenda. (Click July 26)

"A wise mans heart pulls to the right, while a fools heart pulls to the left." (Koheles 10, 2) Says Rebbe Yochanon; a wise man pulls to the right, that's Yakov, who put his sons before his wives (Berashis 31, 17). And a fool pulls to the left, that's Esau, who put his wives before his sons (Ibid 36, 6). (Medrish Rabba 82, 13) (Click Jun 6, 2012)