August 12, 2012

Viznitz: I'm with you

I just saw the brand new video called "Viznitzer Rebbe Mitzvah Tanz", and I see that the Kallah is all wrapped up like a white birthday cake (Even the face). So at first glance I said that if it's forbidden to stare at the Kallah's face, even by the wedding (Ksuvos 17) then obviously her face was not covered. You're allowed to look at her hairdo, dress, jewelry, whatever, but not her face. But if she was all wrapped up what is there to look at?

However! however! The Talmud was not talking about a big rebbe Mitzvah Tanz, where you have thousands of men standing and looking at the Kallah, and there is no way they won't stare at her face. So there is no question that Viznitz did the right thing by wrapping her up, even though she looks retarded. This is bad image, but good Torah! Let the MO hang themselves! (Click May 16)

I now read that the Modern Orthodox Siyum Hashas had men and women dancing together with no mechitza, though there were 2 separate circles. OHHH! How nice! I could just see the Heilege Zaydes and Babbes coming down from heaven to bask in the glow of this Siyum Hashas........ hey! Come to think of it, why did Miriam and the women sing separate from the men? why didn't they just have 2 separate circles? I have also seen weddings where they had no mechitza/two circles. Let's just say it started off with two circles.........