August 15, 2012

The half naked Talmudic girls

Why do charedi gedolim have 400,000 people by their funerals, while reform rabbis only have 2 1/2 people? The answer is that we're not fools. WE"RE NOT FOOLS! We know how much the Satan tries to stop us from learning Torah even for 10 minuets, and we know that in order to become a Rav Moshe, or Rav Elyashov, you have to learn day and night for years and years, while taking only the bare minimum needed pleasures from this world. And there is no question that the gedolim must have had huge fights with their Yeatzer Hora in order to get to this level. (Even though you won't see this in their biographies) 

This is the real reason why we love them. Because they're tzadikim, and they fought against the Yeatzer Hora. But when it comes to women learning Torah the Satan does not care if they learn or not, and he doesn't try to stop them. (Like I showed you in Oct 28, 10) What he does care very much about is how they dress, because dressing modestly is "metzuva veose" , and the women really get rewarded for this. As a matter of fact, when the Talmud says that they give a man a wife according to his deeds, (Beginning of Sota) Rashi says "a tznuah to a tzadik, and a prutza to a rasha". So you see that a woman gets measured by her tzneus, not by how many Ramban's she knows.

So along come these half naked MO girls, and they also want to learn the Talmud. What a joke! Why don't you go fight the Satan and cover your elbows, or your knees, or your hair, or who knows what? Why don't you stop being such loudmouths? Why is it only the Talmud that you want that you don't have to fight the Satan? Does any MO kid know how to fight the Satan? 

I don't know! The worlds most pompous authority on Modern Orthodoxy: Rabbi Harry Maryles, can't even make up his mind. First he says in an article (Jul 19, 12) "Modern Orthodoxy is about embracing modernity, while being absolutely loyal to halacha". Then in the comments he says "(MO) is about embracing worldly knowledge and the best of western culture that does not conflict with halacha. This does not mean a watered down version of Judaism." 

And then here it goes. "MO Jews, and moderate charedi Jews may both partake of the culture. They may both for example go to a sporting event, or even have TV's in the house. MO JEWS WILL NOT FEEL ANY GUILT ABOUT IT, while charedi Jews might. (Although the virtual saturation of sex on most TV programs has become very problematic these days. But that is another discussion)"

ONLY THESE DAYS??? And what about late night cable (Or even day cable for that matter)? Does anyone really believe that the MO have a license to watch dirty movies? So there you have it folks, "No guilt" "absolutely loyal to halacha". Now you know why they say that every MO kid is already OTD.

P.S. Here are some quotes from Harry's gang (Jul 19). From 'Eradicate': So basically, MO means living the max like a goy (College, opera, movies, TV, following sports, attending ballgames, manner of dress, etc.) as long as there is no halachic conflict. Did I get that right?

From 'Mark Sofla': Yes, if going to college, watching TV and movies and ballgames is "living the max like a goy" then yes, we do that. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA