July 31, 2012

Rabbi Frand! Tell the guys to stop writing Tshuvos, and to start learning for a change

Does a father have a right to stop his daughter from getting married? Absolutely not! He is called an "ony rasha orum" (The only place you have this in shas) (Sanhedrin 76a, on the bottom). And even though the father was trying to save money by making his daughter the maid in the house, it doesn't really matter why he held her back. The main thing is that he's causing her to become a Zonah. (Rashi)

He tells his daughter "let's wait till I'll make a lot of money, and then I'll make you a beautiful wedding." But the real reason why he's keeping her is that she should be the maid in the house. That's why he's called "rasha orum". (Marsha)

Rav Yakov Emdin says that all this is only if he can marry her off without a nadin (And he doesn't), but if he needs a 100,000 dollar "cushion" in the bank, a new Honda, and a 24 foot speedboat to marry her off, what do you want from him? (Click Dec 1)