July 2, 2012

Sultan Kosen had Darwin in his brain

Sultan Kosen, the world's tallest man, had a tumor in his brain. He finally stopped growing now after having multiple surgeries. So you need a tumor in order to develop out of the norm. All the body parts that are supposed to be smack in the middle, like the mouth and bellybutton are smack in the middle, unless something goes terribly wrong like cancer, and you have a deformed baby. 

If you look at a medical encyclopedia you see 100,000 or more things that can go wrong with the human body. Which means that a normal healthy guy has 100,000 things working perfectly together doing what it's supposed to do. You need a tumor to knock out even one thing (Like height). On top of this there are many many miracles included that we don't even realize, like skin. The skin is full of holes, yet it doesn't let in any germs at all. But if you just take off the top layer you have endless infection problems. This is an open miracle.

Anyway, I could go on and on. But the main thing is that all people are and will be held responsible for not using their common sense and logic to see G-d. Just because you can find exceptions to the rule does not mean that the exceptions negate the rule. The rule is that the world is run with unbelievable needlepoint precision, and just because you find exceptions, this does not knock out the rule, because we see with our own eyes that the rule is there. (There are many times in life that things happen to us that we see G-d clearly)

You don't need much brains to figure out that the one who made the rule can also make an exception to the rule, in order to punish someone (or his ancestors) or whatever reason. If you want to understand a little how G-d works, learn Torah. The Talmud says in many places that you or your kids can have/get deformities because of sins that you did.

The Torah takes abnormal deformities very seriously (That they are not part of the norm) and a Kohen may not serve in the temple if he has any of the Mum's mentioned in Bechoros p7, (Like if his 'thing' is too long (To the knee) (p7,m5). A king would also demand that his servants be nice and perfect. 

I have also showed you before that the main reason why the Jews worshiped idols was in order to get rid of G-d and be promiscuous (Click Sep 22). In other words, according to common sense any person can easily see G-d clearly, if not for the endless sex lust driving us crazy. And that goes for you too Shauli.     (See video Jul 2, 'worlds tallest man stops growing') And who stops everyone else from growing? Darwin!

Who made that the inside of the watermelon should be a beautiful red, and the shell should be a beautiful greenish white, in order to separate the edible and non-edible parts? Darwin! See video of elephant giving birth (Riski), and then tell me about Darwin. (Click Nov 3)