July 5, 2012

Persia and Rome (part 3)

I remember around 12-13 years ago the Israeli army generals were saying "were finished with the Arab problem, now we can start with the charaidi problem" (That they refuse to go to the army). What did the charaidim do? They made a massive prayer rally in Jerusalem (600,000 people) and in Wall st. (40,000 people) and right after that the second Intifada started. (Let's keep the generals busy).

Today, besides the army problem against the yeshiva boys, we also have ancient Rome coming back in the guise of the gay lobby. Ancient Rome did not let the Jews learn Torah or do mitzvos, and they killed the 10 great rabbis because of this. Today they wish to do the same thing, but you gotta move slowly. First you gotta push for gay rights all over America and Israel. Then you gotta make being gay as normal as possible, and make gay marriage as normal as possible. And once you're perfectly normal you can push for discrimination laws if anyone dares to knock you (It's like making fun of blacks). 

And once you're holding there you can close down all the yeshivas and shulls for teaching anti gay Torah. They say that there are religious exemptions in the bills, but rabbi David Eidensohn says it's all baloney. If you know how to read the bills you'll see it's all baloney. They can sue you whenever they want for discrimination. 

So if not for the fact that the Arabs are waiting to jump on us and tear us apart (In other words they're making trouble) we would have very serious problems learning Torah both in America and Israel, but I don't think G-d is in the mood of another ancient Rome right now. And even ancient Rome did not have the chutzpa to make gay marriage contracts, like I showed you in June 28, 2011 (Click). But today the evil of the west must be measured against the helplessness of the orthodox Jews since Hitler did his job. We walk around blind like a bunch of orphans, not knowing what's right and what's wrong. And that's why we have no right to judge orthodox Jews today, how they are worthy of having Moshiach.

We don't know what G-d's next move will be, but we do know that now is the 'end of days', and the wheels are definitely turning. (See end of June 18, 2012)