June 25, 2012

Chasid shoyta 101

What is a chasid shoyta? Like if a (naked) women is drowning in the river, and he says "it's not appropriate for me to stare at her and save her". (Sota 21b) 

"And it's for sure that even if he's sure that he will have sexual thoughts because of this he must still save her. And even though he must hug her in order to save her, and hugging is part of geluy arayos which you rather die then do, still, over here it's different because you're not hugging her out of love, you're hugging her because of Hatzala."

"And even though he knows that when he hugs this (naked) woman he will think about sex, it doesn't matter, because like we said, this is not done out of love, and even if you don't love her you would still do it. So we are only left with the same problem as looking at porn, and saving a life overrides these kinds of sins."  (Egros Moshe E.H.1, p,143)

According to this, if you see a boy about to have a nervous breakdown you should lock him in a hotel room for a week with a bunch of dirty movies in order to calm him down, and don't be such a frummock. I guarantee you; any frummock that has a burned out crazy son would agree with what I just said.