July 11, 2012

F. Vizel finds 'knowledge'

F. Vizel lived her whole life in Kiryas Joel, but she never had 'knowledge' until one day she discovered the Internet. And do you know what it said in the Internet? That there is something called pork, and it really taste good. Yummmm! It also said that not all women shave their heads. There are plenty of yeshivish and MO women who have hair. yummmm! It also says that not all Jews have another baby every year. How dare the Satmar community keep all this 'knowledge' away from me!

It also says that if you truly want to experience the 'knowledge' of the outside world you must study all the nudes in the Metropolitan Museum of art, and then go to a club and dance away until you drop dead from alcohol, drugs, and suicide. How dare the Satmar community keep this 'knowledge' away from me!

Hey F. Vizel! Why don't you complain about the panties like Deborah Feldman did?