July 16, 2012

The time will come to us at last (part 2)

Rav Shimon Ben Pazi said in the name of Rebbe Yehoshuah Ben Layvi in the name of Bar Kapora, "whoever keeps 3 meals on Shabbos will be saved from 3 hardships, Chevlay Moshiach, the judgment of Gehenom, and the war of Gog and Magog. (Shabbos 118a)

Now what is Chevlay Moshiach? Says Rashi, "like we said (in the end of Ksuvos) the generation that Moshiach will come many people will gang up against the Talmiday Chachomim (the yeshiva guys)". "when there will be no peace EVEN FOR THE TALMIDAY CHACHOMIM (YESHIVA GUYS) THAT'S WHEN MOSHIACH WILL COME". (Rashi Sanhedrin 98a)

The bottom line is; if you don't want to be drafted to the Israeli army you should stock up on lox and bagels (also blueberries and sour cream). (Click Oct 11)

P.S. Rebbe Yehoshuah ben Layvi said, what does it mean "our feet stood firm within your gates O Jerusalem". (Tihillim 122)?  Who caused that our feet should stand strong in war? The gates of Jerusalem where we would sit and learn Torah. (Makos 10a)

King David said To G-d, "I hear in the street people are saying "when will that old man (David) die already, so his son Shloima can build the temple?" So G-d told David, "it's better for me one day that you learn Torah then a thousand sacrifices that your son Shloima will bring on the altar." (ibid)  Yehoshuah was also rebuked for not letting them learn Torah in war. (Megilla 3a, on the bottom) (Click Sep 8,2011)