April 25, 2012

OTD vs. CDBOG (Chronic depression because of guilt)

Some people say that kids going OTD has nothing to do with the Internet. It has more to do with being molested, or with being treated like dirt by the schools and family because they did not stick to the normal mold, or they had bad friends. It's only AFTER they start going OTD that they find comfort in the Internet. 

This may or may not be true, but there is a whole other class of boys and girls that are not OTD, but they still suffer from CDBOG which is mainly caused by exposure to dirty media. The exposure starts very early as a teenager, when the Yeatzer Hora is running full blast, and any little sex ad in back of a magazine can drive them crazy. 

Some people say that if a kid wants to find dirty media he will always find it anyway, so it makes no difference what you bring into your house. This attitude is completely against the Torah. It says "don't be too much of a Rasha" (Koheles 7). Which means that if you ate garlic and your mouth stinks should you eat even more garlic and your mouth should stink even more? (Shabbos 31b).

The Talmud also says that if the men sing and the ladies answer (To the song) this is Preetzus, but if the ladies sing and the men answer, this is like a fire in a bundle (of flax) (terrible). So the Talmud asks "what's the difference? they're both forbidden anyway?" So the Talmud answers that if you can't get rid of both of them at least try to get rid of the terrible one first. (Sota 48a) 

The same thing here. Every inch that you cut from the secular media can make a difference down the road, and your kid won't have to walk around like a Zombie all day. Many people's lives have been robbed by chronic guilt, and the Satan is laughing all the way to the bank. The Satan's chariot is guilt. (Click Apr 4)