April 16, 2012

BMG Lakewood Freezer may be in Cancun for upcoming Zman

They say that the boys love the BMG Lakewood freezer. Well, of course they love the BMG freezer. It's a vacation from the pressures of real life. You don't have to work for a living or diaper the babies. All you have to do is just open your Gemara, lay back, and sip your martini. Let all the girls sit and rot!  No! I'm not talking about the girls on the beach, they could stay. The Litvaks anyway don't care about forbidden sex problems. After all, the Talmud says that it's normal for a Bocher to have bad thoughts and kerry. (Sukka 26b) And even though the Talmud ends up not talking about Bochurim, the facts still remain. 

But there's another Talmud that is very "anti yeshiva" (What a chutzpa!) that if a boy can't be without a wife (He can't control himself) he must first get married no matter what, and then learn Torah, even if he can't learn good after marriage. (Kiddushin 29b) E.H. 1, 4, and Gra # 12 (# 12 really belongs to paragraph 4). Now what does it mean "you can't be without a wife"?   I don't know, you tell me. The Bais Yosef in Y.D. 246 says that bad thoughts is bad enough (To force immediate marriage), even though a careful reading of Rashi and Tosfos Kiddushin 29b shows that yes, it's better to try to be clean, but if you can't afford it and you have bad thoughts so be it. 

So obviously it's more then just bad thoughts. It's more like having a thousand downloaded dirty movies in your pocket, which was WI-FI-d from the street, and the other pocket "plays with the fiddle". And it's these boys that the yeshiva is holding back from dating and marriage, all in the name of Torah. I have said before that I have no problem if a private boy puts himself in the freezer if he thinks he can handle it, but for the yeshiva to mix in (For many reasons) is a big no-no. The boys and girls are not mechuyov to go to hell for the sake of the yeshiva. In Valoszin the yeshiva went to hell for the sake of the bochurim. (Click Feb 2)