April 5, 2012

Bezuzi and Bezuzi of Bezuzi

"The generation that Moshiach will come, many people will gang up against the Talmeday Chachomim" (The end of Ksuvos, 112b). When they told this to Shmuel he said "tziruf after tziruf" (Like purifying after purifying silver). Like when 9 parts are lost and you're only left with 1 part, that 1 part will also be bad news and will need help. Rav Yosef said "Bezuzi, and Bezuzi of Bezuzi". 

Marsha explains that the long exile purified the Jews of all its junk. All the Jews that rebelled against G-d and the Torah the past 2,500 years, they all disappeared. And from the one tenth of Jews who stayed with the Torah and survived, that one tenth will also need purification through exile. So whoever will hold on to G-d all the way to the end will make it. But whoever will fall out (Like these arrogant Apikores websites) they will end up just another memory in the big pile of junk Jews. (Click Feb 4, 2011, about what went on in Egypt)

"The only way you can get close to G-d is by getting close to Talmeday Chachamim" (Ksubos 111b). If you embarrass a Talmud Chacham there is no cure for your sickness (Shabbos 119b) (Cancer?) And you're called an Apikores (Sanhedrin 99b). (This does not mean you can't get cancer for other reasons also).

Right after the war there were many Jews who did not believe, but the Bobove Rebbe (et al) brought them back, and they built up very nice Jewish homes.  We have to follow their footsteps, and hold on very tight for the ride. Like I said before (Sep 25) "if there is no G-d then Hitler did nothing wrong". (See also end of my first post, Oct 17)  

It is said that whoever kept his mouth shut was able to come back, but the ones who talked (Against G-d), they never came back. Just like when G-d killed the two sons of Aaron, and Aaron kept quite, he was rewarded that G-d spoke to him personally about the laws of not drinking wine. (Rashi, Vayikra 10, 3)