March 21, 2012

Pearlperry Reich to open woman's minyan in back of Victoria's Secret

Wait! Wait! Not yet! Not yet! Life is still going good. Pearlperry Reich may yet become a top model. She may yet make it all the way to Hollywood with fame and fortune. Now is not the time to kvetch that the men have everything. Now you just gotta lay low, and let all the men oogle and boogle over you. After all, it does say in the Talmud that everyone runs after the girls (Even though they are full of blood and sh..). 

So now is not the time to kvetch that everything is "the man, the man, the man". But if you get turned down because of too many wrinkles or other problems, and you see your wild life slowly slipping away from you, then you should consider the wonderful world of Bella Abzug, where multiple hats and Torah complimented each other beautifully. 

And instead of arguing about stupid cows (Like the men do) we argue whether the "strawberry pink" lace or the "honey chocolate" lace is more "spiritual" for the Aron Hakodesh or the Beema. Now what happened to that "deep cocktail purple" lace? OMG! I was just "gushing" over that one!   (Click Nov 27, 2011)