March 30, 2012

Modern Orthodox musical chairs moves to the right

Yarmer Ruv, this one is for you. (This story was posted as a comment on Emes ve-Emunah on a Mar 28 article). The guy and his wife went to a wedding with mixed seating, and was put at a "couple" table where you have husband-wife wife-husband husband-wife etc. you get the idea. So if you have 12 people per round table you have 6 couples. Now if one guest doesn't show up then you're already out of sync, and someone will be sitting next to someone else's wife. The same thing happens if one couple doesn't show up. But if one couple plus a neighbor doesn't show up, or if 2 neighboring couples don't show up then you're back in sync. (And of course there are always people not showing up)

Anyway, something went out of sync and this guy (A) finds himself between his wife and another guy (B's) wife. So B turns to A and asks him if he would mind switching around with his own wife so he wouldn't have to sit next to B's wife. But now A will have to sit next to C's wife on the other side! Lemaise (A) did the switch, but "THE WHOLE THING MADE ME SICK".

I have one question for the Modern Orthodox. How come when it comes to bringing dirty movies into your house or your wife dressing up like a harlot you would rather live in 2012, but when it comes to mixed seating all of a sudden you live in the glorious 1950's? "You don't have to be more frum then the 1950's". Oh no? What do you think your kids are doing in there with all your dirty movies?  You think because your thing died a long time ago..... (forget it)

It's not for nothing that your kids are not happy, and they're moving to the right (or the left). They can't handle all the MO BS while you go around preaching the 1950's. America needed Young Israel in the early days, but now the black hatters are taking over. And why not? Give me one reason why not?  Because you find some rotten apples here and there? (Click Nov 27,2011, P.S.)