March 14, 2012

Kiddush Hashem of keeping Torah overrides Chilul Hashem of "image"

Even though the Torah does not let you advertise your sins (Tihillim 32) we nevertheless find our great rabbis who won over their lusts, even though they almost gave in (Rav Amrom etc.) or they thought it was a harlot (and it was the wife) (Kiddushin 81). This is all bad for the "image" but it's also a big Kiddush Hashem just like Yosef. (Sota 10b, 36b)

We also find by Yehuda and Tamar that he admitted it was him, in order not to kill 3 people (Tamar and the twins). This is a big Chilul Hashem of "image", that he had sex with a harlot (Or so he thought). But the Torah calls it a "Kiddush Hashem in public" since he saved 3 lives (And didn't care about his image). (Sota 10b)

So the next time the Satmar burn the Israeli flag, stop worrying so much about "image", and start thinking maybe they do have a point. That the Israeli government hates G-d and the Torah. (Click Dec 29, Jan 11)

P.S. "And Yehuda saw her (Tamar) and he thought she was a harlot since she covered her face." (Genesis 38, 15) Because she covered her face she was a harlot? It's just the opposite! If you're a harlot you uncover your face! But what it really means is that when she was married to his sons and she hung around his house she covered her face (for Tzniyus) so now when she sat in the street uncovered like a harlot he did not recognize her and did not believe that it could have been her. (Sota ibid) (Click Mar 27, 2011)