March 11, 2012

Chana Henkin vs. Devorah the prophet

Tosfos asks (At the end of Shevuos 29) how did Devorah judge the Jews if a woman is not allowed to be a judge? (Since she's not allowed to be a witness) So Tosfos answers that either she didn't really judge them, she only taught them the laws. Or you can say that since she was a Novi they accepted her anyway. The Ran says (In the beginning of Shevuos 30) that they did not make her a judge or a king. Rather they listened to her advice, much like you would listen to the advice of a relative. (Or the Gadol Hador)

Now we can understand Megillah 14a, that Devorah sat under a date tree in order not to have a problem with Yechud. Reb Yakov Emdin asks "how is there a problem with Yechud if you always have at least two parties (plaintiffs) in court?" But now we're saying that she was not really a judge, she was more like a rebbe, and single people also run to the rebbe for help. Tosfos in Megillah who does say that she judged the Jews, probably held like answer # 2), that since she was a Novi they accepted her. 

Whatever it is, this has nothing to do with today's push to ordain women rabbis. Number 1, these girls don't really know how to learn to save their lives. Number 2, they have serious mental problems. (Just read their works) And number 3, they hate G-d and his Torah. Like I said before (Oct 28) they did not become complainers because they were feminists, they became feminists because they were complainers. Nothing makes them happy except to complain. Have you seen one of those lately?

If the rabbi gets a date tree instead of an office then we'll talk. This is a very serious problem. These woman rabbis will shttupp around a lot of yiddishkite.