January 25, 2012

One track Haraidim

Own Ben Peles was saved by his wife. She said to him "what do you care if Moshe is on top or Korach is on top, you'll be second fiddle anyway! Why stick your head in this garbage?" So he said "what should I do? I swore that I'll go along with Korach?" So she said "don't worry, I have a plan." (Sanhedrin end of 109)

It says "the whole assembly is all holy" (Bamidbar 16,3). They are full of tznius and holiness (Rashi Sanhedrin). What did she do? She got him drunk and put him to sleep, and then she undid her hair and sat at the entrance to her tent. Whoever came to fetch Own Ben Peles saw her with her hair uncovered and ran away. 

You gotta be kidding! Just because you see some hair you can't talk to a woman? What do you think she is, a sex object? Don't you know the basics of mentchlechkite, how to say hello to the opposite sex? Did you ever hear of a place called Flatbush? 

How come in Flatbush they know how to socialize? So what if everyone ends up cheating on each other, what's the big deal? you just get divorced and then you join the thousands of modern orthodox divorcees on J-Date or Frumster. 

After all, since Flatbush is so "with it" it's not surprising that it's marriages would end up just like secular marriages, with cheating and divorce. In fact, one of the main reasons why the modern orthodox are scared to get married and there are so many singles out there is because they see what's going on with their married friends. 

Of course women are not sex objects. They only do wife-swapping because of their "brains". Someone should explain this to the stupid Haraidim.