January 17, 2012

Who's the real fanatic Ruchie Freier?

Did you ever learn Even Haeyzer chapter 21 Ruchie Freier? "You have to distance yourself from women extremely! extremely!" and on, and on....... How about "it's forbidden to smell her perfume", or it's forbidden to stare at colored clothes of a woman you know even if it's not on her, because you may think about her. And how about "if you stare at even the pinkie of a woman (for pleasure) it's as if you stared at "that place". 

How about "if you meet a woman in the street it's forbidden to walk after her. You should move her to the side and run ahead of her". And how about Rav told Rav Yehuda to run ahead away from "Gehenom" when a woman was coming towards them. What about "it's forbidden to hear the kol of a woman", and what about "it's forbidden (Deoraysa) to have thoughts by day which bring emissions by night (To look at pretty girls etc.)" (Avoda Zara 20b)

All this is from the Talmud. The Bais Yosef will show you where in the Talmud, in chapter 21. I'm sure the Talmud would have been embarrassed to say these things if the Talmud would only have known that Ruchie Freier would go to collage and become open minded. "WOW!" What a gift to the universe and what a loss for the Talmud!

The problem with you Ruchie Freier is that college didn't teach you that you're missing certain body parts, and you just don't know what it means to be tormented by the Yeatzer Hora all day. A young teenage boy understands this better than you.

One of the restrictions in chapter 21 is not to walk within 4 cubits of the house of a Zonah. Our teenagers today are LIVING in the house of a Zonah, with all the dirty media being bombarded at them. Yes! The torture from the Yeatzer Hora breeds fanaticism, and it will not go away any time soon. (Click Nov 29)