December 9, 2011

Stop lying to the Bochurim!

This is what you get when you learn mussar without shas and poskim. You get a distorted view of the truth. The Mesilas Yesharim (p5) says that since it says "I made the yeatzer hora and I made the Torah as a medicine", (Kiddushin 30b, Bova Basra 16a) therefor it is obvious that no other medicine will work except the one that was made for it (The Torah). This is the basis for the pro Torah- anti marriage attitude prevalent in the yeshiva world. (If they were pro marriage they would never play around with marriage the way they do). (Click Aug 5) They tell the boys that "Torah will cure all your problems". 

If that's the case then how come Rova ran home to have sex with his wife after Abaya's wife came around? (Ksuvos 65a) I thought the only cure for the yeatzer hora is Torah? Why didn't Rova just sit and learn, and eat cholent with the guys Thursday night? 

And the other way around, what does an A.J. boy do if he sees half naked teenage girls in the street, and he doesn't have a wife to run home to? If learning will cure him why couldn't it cure Rova? 

I would also like to know why Rav Huna refused to look at Rav Hamnuna (Kiddushin 29b) even though he was definitely better then any bocher in Shanghai. So now when it says in Sukkah 26b that bochurim are likely to have bad thoughts and kerry, it must also be talking about bochurim like Rav Hamnuna, even though Rav Huna himself said in Brachos 24b  that it's impossible for a real talmud chacham to stand around and not think in learning. 

But I guess Rav Huna and the Mesilas Yesharim were only talking about normal people who get married on time and have "bread in their basket". They were not talking about freezer boys who kvetch on one Tosfos per day, and then go to the dorm to watch DVD's and Internet. 

In fact, the Torah only saves you while you are actually learning. When you stop learning and you pick up the post the ballgame is over (Sota 21a). So the only way the Torah will really save you is if you learn 24/7 (Tosfos ibid). And this is only possible if you have "bread in your basket" (like I showed you). 

Yes, we know that you're allowed to push off marriage for Torah If you don't have money (Kiddushin 29b), even if you'll have bad thoughts (Rashi and Tosfos)(As long as you don't do anything with yourself), but don't tell horny teenagers in 2012 that it's all "Torah". That "Torah will take care of you like a baby". Sorry, but it doesn't work out that way in real life. Yes, if you get married very early, and you don't look at bad media, and you sit and learn whenever possible, then we'll talk about it. (Click Aug 5, Oct 11)