December 23, 2011

If we only had Yeshivishe Raid on "dirty" subjects

So it's the third day of Chanuka and i'm listening to the Kol Berama radio station, and I hear an enormous amount of yeshivishe raid on Chanuka. The technicalities of the Chanuka candle lighting are ripped apart so thoroughly that you would think they're about to send a rocket to the moon.

And i'm thinking, why is there no yeshivishe raid on dating, the time to get married, the freezer, mechitza by sheva brachos etc? The chasidim who do talk about these issues were able to dodge and evade the many problems associated with the American-litvish marriage system. 

For example, the disgusting dating process where you have to shlepp a girl 10 times to a dirty hotel in dirty Manhattan, and check out all the other dates and shiksas. And if you open the car door for the girl she drops you because you're too goyish. And if you don't open the car door she also drops you because it shows that you're not a mentch. So you have to like open it a little and then like shut it a little. (I can't explain, it's too complicated) I never saw married people do this, they don't have time for this garbage. The chasidim don't have to deal with this either. 

Opening a car door for a girl or saying "ladies and gentlemen" is a machlokes between Yakov and Esau (Berashis 31,17; 36,6). Esau held that the most important thing in the world is sex so he put his wives before his sons, while Yakov held that building a Jewish nation and learning Torah is more important than sex so he put his sons before his wives. In fact, in the entire Torah the male always comes before the female except in special occasions like Vayikra 19,3. (See also Nov 21)

It is forbidden to walk in back of a woman even if she's your wife (It's a disgrace (Rashi). If you have a married woman in front of you on a bridge you should ask her to stay on the side while you walk in front of her. And whoever follows a married woman in the river (Where she has to pick up her clothes) will not have a share in the world to come. (Brachos 61a

This is not crazy frumkite! This is plain "bread and butter" Torah. If the modern world has a problem with these parts of the Torah they can go hang themselves. If you don't care about Yichud or other precautions and safeguards, don't come crying to me when you find your spouse in bed with someone else.

The case with the bridge was a married woman because if it was just your wife they wouldn't have bothered her to move to the side just because of "disgrace" (Marsha). But by Adam and Eve when they were back to back somebody had to go first. Otherwise he will pull to the right and she will pull to the left and they won't go anyware. So the man went first because it's proper for the big one to go before the small one. (Marsha)

Today we don't like to hear such words so we knock down the man to the level of the woman and we become feminized. It wasn't always like that, even in the secular world (Click Oct 18). And for all you crying feminists out there, just remember. I never saw a pretty girl in Hollywood complain to G-d why he made her a woman, and why she is shorter and weaker then men. This is the real reason why you're crying. Because you're not a pretty girl in Hollywood. Nothing to do with men.