November 29, 2011

Sick times before Moshiach

"And the place of learning will be a whorehouse"  (Sanhedrin 97a, end of Sota). Before the advent of T.V. and magazines if you wanted to go to a prostitute you had to go outside and find one. Now the prostitute has come into our houses and our bedrooms. Not only that but it's now in our very own pockets! And when we bring the Internet into the Bais Medrash, yes, the prostitute has arrived! 

Many parents judge their kids yeatzer hora relative to their own, and they feel they can bring all kinds of media into the house without a problem. But they forgot what it means to be a teenager. The Skverer Rebbe is 100% right! There should be no computer in the house period! (I don't have one) And for that matter there should be no magazines either. (Do I really have to explain everything?) The main reason why many Modern Orthodox youth are moving to the right (Or the left) is because they just can't take it anymore. 

Many Modern Orthodox rabbis will tell you that you just have to learn how to live in this world and control yourself. I'm sorry! But we are living in a very sick generation, and 1 out of every 3 houses in the frummy world has kids at risk. In the M.O. world they probably don't even know what "at risk" means. They are too busy being "honest". (They just hate hypocrisy) As if being honest is a license to bring dirt into your house. Well, surprise! surprise! Your kids are a little more honest then you, and they know what it means to "sin". 

Rav Avigdor Miller once said that a dog is more honest then a human being. He doesn't lock himself in the bathroom as if he's hiding something. He just goes to the fire hydrant and does what he does and he's honest about it.

"The face of the generation will be like the face of a dog". "They will not be embarrassed of each other" (Rashi ibid). The New York Times already said years ago that people are not embarrassed of each other any more, because everyone knows that his friend is also looking at porn just like he is. (Click Oct 11, Oct 17)