November 17, 2011

No G-d No morality (part 2)

Even though I said that all morality comes from the Torah, the Torah still overrides morality. In other words, a Jew must do all the mitzvos because G-d told him to do it (In the Torah). Not because he just feels it's the right thing to do. If a Jew does a good deed just because it feels good (But the Torah did not tell him to do it) G-d gets furious, because it shows that he's not interested in serving G-d, He's just following his bleeding Jewish heart. (Click Sep 14)  And there is no question that he will not get any reward for this. 

This concept was hammered home immediately when the Jewish nation started (By Abraham). G-d told Abraham to sacrifice his son, which was completely against all the moral values that Abraham knew. (And it's no secret that this was the most difficult test of all) But Abraham passed the test. And even though Issac was not exactly slaughtered, millions and millions of his kids were slaughtered throughout the generations all because they were Jews. In other words, we run after G-d to do his commandments even though we see that we get slaughtered left and right. This is a huge sanctification of G-d's name.

So now you can understand why after the giving of the Torah G-d told all the Jews to go back to their wives, "but you Moshe stay with me" (Devorim 5: 27,28). Moshe never went back to his wife Tziporah. G-d agreed with him that it was a bad idea to go back (Shabbos 87a). And this is where Miriam came in. Miriam heard Tziporah complain that Moshe never went back to her (for sex), and she stuck up for woman's rights and made a big stink against Moshe. (Bamidbar 12)  

Now Miriam was extremely righteous. She experienced the same kind of death that Moshe and Aaron experienced (Bava Basra 17a). However, this time she was wrong, because the service of G-d overrides morality, and if we can go to the gas chambers for the sake of G-d, we can also suffer a little for the sake of G-d.

And when G-d told king Shaul to wipe out every single trace of Amalaik, (Men, women, children, and animals) and he did not exactly listen to G-d (Because the Jews had a lot of compaaaaassion) G-d became furious, and he took away the kingship from the house of Shaul and gave it to the house of David. (Shmuel 1,15)
And who came out of Amalaik? Homon and The Nazis!