October 18, 2011

The story of queen Vashti

"Vashti the queen also made a women's party in the kings royal house" (Ester 1,9) Why in the kings palace, It should have been in the women's palace? This teaches you that they both (Vashti and Achashvayrosh) had the same thing in mind, that all the men should look at Vashti's beauty, and there should be lewdness in the air. (Megella 12a on the bottom) And after all this they still had separate seating and separate parties. (very frum) It looks like mixed seating was unheard of. 

So it was Saturday and the party was in full swing. The guys had the best wine in the world and they were riding high. So naturally they started talking about women. Some guys said that Media has the most beautiful women, and some guys said that Persia does. So Achashvayrosh said "my wife is not from Media and not from Persia, but nobody beats my wife (Vashti) in beauty", should I show her to you? So they all said "yes, but she should be naked". So Achashvayrosh said "OK we got a deal, go bring her naked". (Megella 12b)

But Vashti refused to come. So the Talmud asks "why did she refuse? Isn't this what she wanted all along?" So the Talmud answers that G-d gave her leprosy and a tail, and this is why she refused. And not only did she refuse but she also made fun of him (Achashvayrosh). So he became furious and he asked his advisers what to do.

So they said that if you don't punish her then all the women will say that you can rebel against your husband and get away with it, so she must be eliminated. And in his drunken rage the king said "kill her", and they did.

"After all this, when king Achashvayrosh's wrath died down, he remembered Vashti, and what she did, and what was decreed against her." (Ester 2,1) What did she do? She used to make the Jewish girls work on Shabbos while they were naked. And what was decreed against her? That she should come to the party naked on Shabbos. (Megella ibid)

This is not the end of the story. The end of the story is that king Achashvayrosh ruled over the entire world, 127 nations. And he sent out a proclamation over his entire kingdom that every man should be king in his house, and his family should speak "his" language. (The end of Ester 1)

Now this proclamation saved the Jewish people. Because when the people saw it, the entire world said that the king is out of his mind, because everyone knows that even the lowest guy is king in his own house. There was no such thing as feminism in those days. The world was still normal 2,500 years ago, and there was no erosion of the pecking-order. 

So when the next proclamation came out to wipe out the Jewish people exactly 11 months down the road (The 13th of Adar) the anti-semites did not jump right away ahead of time, because they figured the king is out of his mind, so it's better to wait it out and see what happens. (Megella ibid)

I really believe that feminism has destroyed marriage, (click Nov 27) and only now at the end of days did G-d let it surface. And even if people do get married today they only have 1.5 kids per family. So go ahead you selfish progressives, and make fun of the Haraidem with their 10 kids per family. Tomorrow you will all be gone, and the Haraidem will take over all your assets. Did you really think your aborted son would inherit the 10 million dollar estate and the 5 car garage?