October 11, 2011

The time will come to us at last

"There is no greater proof that Moshiach is about to come then the land of Israel giving out good produce." (Sanhedrin 98a) For 2,000 years nothing grew in the land of Israel, it was barren. But today the best wines in the world are coming out of Israel. There are now 200 wineries in Israel.

Another main proof is when there will be no peace from the Satan even for the yeshiva guys. (ibid) When a yeshiva boy can walk around with downloaded dirty movies in his pocket, this is the end. We will not survive another generation. We survived Hitler but we will not survive this. "This is when Moshiach will come." (Rashi ibid)

A Mesifta boy told me that some boys have smart phones hidden in their dorm rooms. It does not matter which yeshiva this is. When it comes to these kinds of things they're all the same. You always find stuff in the dorms. He also told me that he knows how to bypass his fathers passwords to get to the Internet. Are you surprised? 

P.S. Whether you say "these kind" or "these kinds" is an offener machloikes in the Random House dictionary.