September 8, 2011

Yeshiva boys and the Israeli army

Why did Avraham get punished that his kids were enslaved in Egypt for 210 years? Because he made his yeshiva boys stop learning and join his army against Sodom. (Nedarim 32a on the bottom) The whole world is only held up because of Torah. (The end of both Psachim 68, and Sanhedrin 99) The Talmud in Sanhedrin is talking about people who say "who needs these rabbis? (Or yeshiva guys) What good do they do for us?"

I know that many Jews will not like what I just said, so I will repeat what I wrote in "Ultra orthodox violence" (Feb 4). "The Israeli army anyway does not need these boys, they have enough female mattresses." 

Also, the Talmud is the main body of "oral" Torah which was given to the Jews at Mt. Sinai together with the written Torah, and if you don't like what the Talmud says, you can basically go hang yourself. 

G-d specifically wanted the oral Torah to be transmitted through the rabbis, but this gets rather complicated. Every single tiniest bit of the oral or written Torah was given to Moses at Mt. Sinai. (Sanhedrin 99a) (Munachos 30a)

The entire oral Torah is secretly encoded in the written Torah. And even though Moshe knew the entire oral Torah, he did not necessarily know exactly where everything can be found in the written Torah. And this is the work of all the rabbis and students throughout the generations, to extract the oral laws from the written Torah using the tools that were given to the rabbis, like the 13 midos that you darshin the Torah, or like rabbi Akiva did in Munachos 29b. (Or Hachaim Vayikra 13, 37)

This process already started right after Moshe died. They forgot 1,700 laws because of all the grieving, and a very learned Asniel ben knaz was able to retrieve the laws from the written Torah using the tools that I mentioned. And because of this he married Achsa as a present.(Tmurah 16a) If you want to know more about Achsa, read the end of "Jewish girls and burkas". (click mar 27)

So when the rabbis say that it's easy to seduce a woman because women are "light headed" (flighty) there is no question that this saying was not invented by the rabbis. It came all the way from Sinai. And I don't understand why Brurya made a whole ruckus about this. (Avoda zara 18b) She should have known better.

And how do we know this From the written Torah? We all know how the snake did his trick. He first seduced the woman (Chava) who is easy to seduce, and then he relied on the woman to seduce her husband which they know how to do very well. (Rashi Genesis 3,15)