September 14, 2011


All you apikorsim don't believe in the Torah. You only believe in morality since you preach morality all day long. Which means that G-d never gave the Torah at Mt. Sinai. What he did do was give "morality" to the reform Jews at Cincinnati. 

Now why is Cincinnati better then Mt.Sinai? Because the Torah is unbendable, while morality can always change with the times to fit your agenda and your lusts. So yesterday gays were taboo, but today gays are "in" while dogs are taboo. And tomorrow dogs will be "in" and your mother in law will be taboo. 

The Talmud at the end of Sanhedrin 63 says that the Jews knew that idol worship is B.S., but they only did it in order to get rid of G-d and legalize forbidden sexual relations. 

I stand by my words. You guys are completely full of sh.... Did the morality of Cincinnati decide that Haraidem are perverts while the ref cons were busy chewing on snails with garlic sauce? What's the matter? You can't be a respectable moral Jew unless you eat snails and shrimp? Or is it because you're embarrassed that you're Jewish? The bottom line is that you guys have no b...s, Just big mouths.