September 18, 2011

Apicorcrap (part 2)

Why do apikorsim call Haraidim "perverts"?
The Talmud in Sukkah 52a says that after G-d will kill the Satan (After Moshiach comes) the tzadikim will see the Satan as a huge mountain, while the reshaim will see the Satan as a small blade of hair. The tzadikim and reshaim will both cry. The tzadikim will say "how was I able to conquer such a big mountain?", while the reshaim will say " how did I fall for such a small blade of hair?" 

The bottom line is that the Satan changes its shape depending on the level of your playing field. When a yeshiva guy sees a frum lady bend down and expose her back (because of a short top) he immediately gets exited and he "falls". And then he gets furious at the lady for doing this to him. So the yeshiva guy is very sensitive because his playing field against the Satan is on a very high level. 

On the other hand a secular guy would say "Stop being such a sensitive pervert! Go watch some porn so you won't be so sensitive". Secular people only get turned on by the half naked teenagers roaming the streets even though they make believe it doesn't affect them. They are so "cultured" that nothing affects them. 

Yeah, I know all about it. The only thing that affects an apikores is dogs. The playing field level of Satan Vs. apikores is a tortures internal fight if he should have sex with his dog. And why not? If bilaam can have sex with his donkey every night (Avoda Zara 4b) why can't an apikores have sex with his dog? I don't see why I can't have sex with my dog if my grandfather was a monkey anyway.