August 5, 2011

Yeshiva world has "learning" cancer just like Harvard and Yale

Why does Harvard and Yale have co-ed dormitories? Because it's good for learning! You come to class fresh and well rested. So whatever is good for learning is more important then anything else. That's why some yeshiva boys wrote Torah on shabbos in the good old days of Europe.

You would have thought that after Hitler the cancer would have gone away, but nothing like this has happened. Today the welfare of the yeshiva is the only important thing in the world. All the boys and girls can go to hell as long as it's good for the yeshiva. 

The Talmud says that if you can't control yourself you should first get married and then learn Torah no matter what. (Kiddushin 29b) But if you come back straight from Israel and you start dating right away it's not good for the yeshiva, so they put you on hold (at age 23) even though you're already "Tippuching" for 3 years. (Let all the girls sit and rot)

The yeshiva world did not pull this off overnight. They first stuck their heads in the sand and made believe all the boys are castrated. Let alone that the electronic sex media has now invaded all the yeshiva dormitories. Today a yeshiva boy does not even have to look for dirty movies. He hes it right in his own pocket. And then you have girls that played with the Internet for 10 years, but when it comes to get married they only want a boy that never saw a movie. (But he should be very worldly) 

Besides living in fantasy land, the frummy world also takes themselves much much too seriously. You're not as hot as you think you are! If the boys and girls would only realize this they would calm down and be nice to each other instead of being so uptight and serious, and maybe we wouldn't have so many divorces. The same thing is with the parents. You're not as hot as you think you are! You are far far colder, and so is your kid! What do you know about your kid and his private life?

In the good old days before the destruction of the temple they did not make believe that the boys were castrated. They were a little more honest. They married off their kids as young as possible at around 12-16 years. (Sanhedrin 76b, 104a on the bottom, Kiddushin 29b on the bottom

But the real question is, why did G-d make girls, and babies, and playgroups, and money, and jobs, and Internet, and smart phones, and all those mitzvos that disturb the learning? Why couldn't G-d just get rid of all the girls and  the mitzvos, and make the boys castrated so they can sit and learn all day and write Torah on shabbos? Why not? It's very good for the YESHIVA! it's very good for TORAH!

Reb chaim kanievsky said that any yeshiva that kicks out a boy for getting engaged should be put in chayrim! This was printed in an Israeli paper like 6,7 years ago.

I would like to know why rabbi Nisin Kaplin can kvetch about all the chumros in the world, but when it comes to the Lakewood freezer he doesn't say a word. All of a sudden Reb chaim kanievsky does not mean anything. I would also like to know why rabbi Nisin Kaplin can kvetch for 10 hours about the exact time to light Chanukah candles, but the time to get married is just a joke. 

This cancer started in Europe where it was hard for a yeshiva boy to find a good girl (Or maybe it wasn't so hard) and it became "shticky" to push off marriage for Torah. 

This shtick has now evolved to force all the boys to push off marriage, even though they're already tippuching for 3 years. In order to accomplish this (To push off marriage for Torah) you have to make believe that all the boys are castrated, and they're not doing anything. This is a big fat lie! The dormitories are full of bad media. 

According to the Torah today's boys should really get married in their teens. So you're going to ask "what's gonna be with Torah?" The answer is that it's none of your business. Let G-d take care of his world. And I never said that if a boy wants to put himself in the freezer (because he has no money and he can control himself) he's not allowed to do so. I only said that the yeshiva is not allowed to do it. 

If they really cared about bitul torah they would push off chanukah till bain hazmanim, and then the kollel guys wouldn't get a nervous breakdown. They would stay home to dance with the kids and eat latkis, and they wouldn't have to run back to yeshiva like a chicken, only to find that the chavrusa didn't come back yet because he lights the candles exactly 11 and a half minutes later, because rabbi Nisin Kaplin said that it's more mehudar.

The main reason why they were able to get away with the freezer for 20 years is because the frummy world refuses to talk about certain subjects. The emperor has no clothes. People are scared to say anything because If you say anything against the freezer they say that you have "problems". I guess Shas and Poskim have problems. 

"Because they were soaked in sex (The people of the flood) G-d gave them a lot of girls" (Medrish Rabba 26,4) So what do they do? They make a freezer and leave the girls hanging. Very nice! The Bais Yosef (E.H. end of 66) and the poskim (E.H. 2) already talk about the boys who sin with themselves  and LEAVE THE GIRLS HANGING all because they're waiting for big money. I guess the Bais Yosef also had "problems".

And then we hear the shtusim about the "shidduch crisis". If there really was a shidduch crisis then all the boys should be married by now. ALL OF THEM! There should be no older boys (Just girls). But there is no shidduch crisis. There is a "lazy attitude towards marriage crisis", which is caused by the freezer and many other problems and phobias that the boys and the girls have. (And if you only want to get married with one foot, you can afford to be very picky and make crazy demands)     If the boys and the girls would only have had someone to talk to........