June 28, 2011

Women's rights before the flood

Since we are headed straight in the direction of the flood, you should know how the generation of the flood treated their wives. They would marry two wives, one to have baby's, and one for sex and partying. The party wife would be dressed beautiful like a bride, and they would give her drugs to prevent pregnancy. And the baby wife would live the life of a widow. Rashi, Genesis 4,19.  So much for woman's rights!  This went hand in hand with marriage contracts for gays and animals. 

The people of the flood were not wiped out until they made gay and animal marriage contracts. (Medrash rabba 26,5) Likewise, when G-d was destroying Sodom, Lot prayed to G-d not to do it, so G-d said OK. But once the sodomites demanded to have gay sex with Lot's guests, G-d said to Lot "forget about it. Don't even bother". (ibid)

The Aruch says (ibid) that the people of the flood reasoned in their screwed up minds that since they have powerful lusts for men and animals, the proper thing to do is to give in to their lusts. And the courts actually forced them to marry the men and animals with a contract. (How about if I have a powerful lust for my neighbor's wife, is the proper thing to do to give in?)

Besides having sex with animals, they also corrupted the animals themselves to have sex with different species other then their own. (Sanhedrin 108) The only animals that were permitted to enter the ark were clean animals that stuck to their species. (ibid) (I guess every group of animals had a few good guys). After the flood, when the animals left the ark, they accepted upon themselves to stick to their species. (Rashi Genesis 8, 19) (Don't be stupid! Rashi does not make up anything himself)

The Talmud in the beginning of Chulin 92b says that the nations of the world after the flood (The sons of Noach) accepted upon themselves not to make gay marriage contracts. Rashi explains that even though the nations tolerate gay partners, they nevertheless do not have the audacity to make marriage contracts, so at least they kept something of G-d's negative (sex) commandments.

The Maharal explains that in order for someone to be king, the people have to listen to his laws. If nobody will keep the kings laws, then the king is not a king. So the nations of the world have to keep at least some of G-d's laws, otherwise G-d is not king. So at least the gay marriage they didn't do.

But now that they hit rock bottom, you can expect G-d to come out and show who's the boss. G-d does not have a problem offending gays and lesbians. he wiped them all out by the flood. And even though G-d swore not to flood the earth again, (Genesis 8, 21) he only said "the entire earth", but he can still flood a country (like America). (Rashi Exodus 1,10  Sota 11a)

By the way, the Torah does not talk much about lesbians because it is impossible for two women to have sex. A lesbian is not even called a Zonah, and she's allowed to marry a Cohen. (Yevamos 76a, Shabbos 65a, on the bottom) Whatever they do they're just horsing around. Oral sex is not called sex in the Torah. I'm sure that by now the lesbians will be screeching bloody murder, but I don't think G-d will lose any sleep over this.

If you want to get really technical, the only thing that's called sex is if the entire crown penetrates the regular or the non regular (anal) place. (Sanhedrin 54a,55a) If you don't have full penetration or you don't finish off it doesn't matter, as long as the crown penetrates (Yevamos 55b). So if two men sleep together and there is no anal penetration, they never had any sex no matter what they did. But I wonder if gays can hold themselves back, as the whole idea of being officially gay is to do whatever the hell you feel like doing. 

It must be a big let down that a woman can have sex in two places with her male dog, but she can't have any sex with her girlfriend. We know that the dog was cursed that it can't pull out right away, but I wonder if it can pull out right away from a Manhattan socialite. The same thing is with a man. If the entire crown (of a 9 year old boy and up) penetrates the regular or anal place of a female dog, this is called having sex with an animal. (A penetrator (or receiver) under 9, or a girl under 3, is not called sex (Sanhedrin 54b). But by animals age does not make any difference at all)

"Do not copy the lifestyle of ancient Egypt or the Canaanites". (Leviticus 18,3) Egypt, and especially the place where the Jews lived in Egypt (Goshen), and the Canaanites (Israel) were the most perverted corrupt places in the world. (Rashi) The nations that the Jews conquered were the most perverted of all. (Rashi ibid

What did they do in ancient Egypt? "The men married men, and the women married women, and the women married two men together. And even though there is no sex at all between two women, and she does not have to leave her husband because of this, still it is a sin, ("Do not do like Egypt did") and the husband should prevent his wife from hanging out with these women." (Rambam (Maimonides) E.B. 21,8)

And we think we're so "coooooool" today!   so "gaaaaaaaaay"!     

"And these guys get killed (or get Kores). If you have sex with the Zechur...etc" (Of a man) (or other forbidden relationship) (Kreesus p1,m1  Sanhedrin p7,m4). Now what does Zechur mean? It does not mean "male". Male is called Zachar with an A. It means the "anus" (Rashi Sanhedrin 54b, Tosfos Yom Tov, Kreesus, Sanhedrin). So if you don't go there you don't get killed. However, if you play around you will eventually do the real thing.

But even if you have a powerful lust and you can't hold yourself back, why do you have to "rebel" against G-d and push for gay rights? Do you also have a "powerful lust" to push your lifestyle down everybody's throat? Or is it because you hate G-d?  

I heard on the radio that the average real gay guy has 150 partners, so what is this B.S. about getting married? At least when you married your dog it stayed with you, and it didn't go hang out in the gay bars! Do you really think a gay guy will all of a sudden control himself from the other 149 people just because he got married? 

Asking a gay guy to control himself is like putting a married woman (cop) in a police car together with a man, or being alone in the office with a man, and asking them not to do anything. (And everyone knows that the number one cause of "affairs", is being alone together. (Yichud))  But in the modern world we must be "free", and the whole idea of being "free" is to be a slave to our lusts! Show me one movie where the guy wins over his lusts! (In the Torah there are plenty such stories)

The movies teach you to give in to all your desires. But in order to screw around all day you need to be healthy, so smoking is bad, sugar is bad, fat is bad, carbs are bad, trans-9-octadecenoic acid is bad, everything is bad except for bean sprouts (and AIDS). The entire America has to walk around eating bean sprouts in order to screw anything that has 2 to 4 legs, and watch porn. That's today's culture.

P.S. Just because it's not called sex does not mean that you're allowed to touch children, and that there are no other sins involved. Check out the huge Rambam by Sanhedrin p7,m4.

The Torah does not list gays and animals separately. They are listed together with all the other forbidden sexual relationships. So if gays have a right to give in to their lusts because they can't control themselves, then I also have a right to have an affair with my neighbors wife because I can't control myself. (I also have a right to make an "Adultery pride" parade!) And don't tell me it's morally wrong. Morality that does not come from the Torah has no rock solid foundation. It changes every five minutes, depending on which side of the bed you woke up, and which talk shows you listened to that day.