March 24, 2011

Persia and Rome

The Talmud talks about either Rome falling to Persia, or Persia falling to Rome at the end of days. (2 versions) (Yoma 10) Persia is Iran and it's allies, and Rome is the west. Rome never died out completely. A very big downfall was decreed in heaven on Rome after They killed the 10 great rabbis and they burned the Torah (Top Tosfos Avoda Zara 2b and Marsha), but we are still in the exile of Rome, and the crusaders, the Spanish inquisition, and the gas chambers was all Rome. The symbol of Russia and China is red, almost all Ferrari's are red, and Esau is called Edom (red) (Genesis 25,30) Rome is also called Edom. We are currently in the exile of Edom.

The Talmud says in the beginning of Avoda Zara that both Persia and Rome will go all the way till the Messiah. So Tosfos asks "doesn't it say that Persia will fall to Rome at the end of days? So Tosfos answers that they are both true.They will both go till the Messiah, but right before the Messiah comes Persia will fall to Rome, like it says that Ben David will not come until the wicked Rome rules over the entire world for 9 months. (The pain of pregnancy). (Yoma 10, Sanhedrin 98b)  I don't think these 9 months will be a picnic for the Jews. I think they will make every Jew wear the yellow star, unless he watches 3-D transvestite movies. (And I'm not joking!)

Nobody can tell exactly what's going to happen next, but the wheels are definitely turning, and the world is very confused. The Talmud also says that the Persian army will take over Iraq from top to bottom, and from there they will march against Jerusalem in the war of Gog and Magog. (Sanhedrin 98b) We will have to see how this fits in with Persia falling to Rome. Maybe they will fall to Rome, and still march against Jerusalem together with Rome and the whole coalition. (Click Mar 20)

The truth is that Rome does not really need the yellow star to intimidate the Jews. All they have to do is just sit back and let the latest technology do it's work.  When a nice religious Jewish boy can take out a small computer from his pocket, and download a thousand dirty movies, then you are staring the evil Roman empire straight in the face. 

Never in history did the Satan have such easy access to the Jewish soul as it has today, and it's driving everyone crazy! He knows that very soon (when the Messiah comes) G-d will kill him, and that will be the end of all the forbidden lusts. (Sukka 52) We do not know what the world will look like after that.