March 27, 2011

Jewish girls and Burkas

The Mishna says in Shabbos 65a that Jewish girls who live in Arab lands may wear the Burka on Shabbos. Likewise, the Jewish girls who live in Media may wear the special Media gown on Shabbos. In other words all lands according to the custom of their dress. According to this reasoning there is no reason for a woman in Beit shemesh to wear a Burka, since it is not the custom of the land of Israel to wear a Burka.

However this is not so simple.The Mishna says  in Shabbos 80a that the Shiur of carrying makeup on Shabbos is enough to paint one eye. So the Talmud asks, "who ever heard of painting only one eye"? So the Talmud answers that the tznuot used to cover the whole face except for one eye, so they needed makeup for that eye. Then the Talmud says that this was only in the big cities where you had a lot of laughing and lightheadedness, like you would find when a bunch of bums hang around. But in the small towns you didn't have this, so you didn't need so much Tzneut. So even the Tzneut uncovered the whole face. This may explain why out of town frum Jews are so friendly and outgoing. 

So the question is "how much Tzneut do you need today"? Well, it depends who you ask. If you asked the Jewish Press they would tell you that the Yated is retarded for not putting pictures of women in the paper. And if you asked the Yated they would tell you that the Jewish Press is retarded for putting racy pictures of girls in the paper. 

The Talmud does not say that every girl in the big cities covered one eye, only that the Tznuot did. So you see that you have the option of being "normal" or "very frum". Or you can be like the Jewish Press, and make believe that girlie pictures don't turn anyone on. I guess after spending the whole day on the Internet looking at porn, the Jewish Press pictures won't bother anyone. Somebody should explain to the Yated that nobody is getting turned on by Hillary after spending the day looking at porn. 

And if HASC has no problem showing videos full of girl counselors, so can the Yated. Unless you want to say that HASC is "special", so they can do whatever they want. (They also have mixed seating) On the other hand you might want to argue that the Jewish Press also has a right to make money. So don't worry Jewish Press, "You're never alone" (HASC 21)   I must admit that the music and singing for this camp HASC video is absolutely gorgeous. The camp HASC video at HASC 20 is not as nice, but it starts and ends with dancing girl counselors, so take your pick. I hate to burst your bubble, but camp HASC is co-ed. There is only one camp. No wonder the counselors love it.  I know-I know! There is no other choice, but the counselors still love it. Use your imagination.

If you look at the first camp HASC video (HASC 5) you will see all the boys and girls and their counselors dancing together in the same room, and M.B.D. and Abish Brodt performing.    Oh my G-d! How dare you start up with HASC and Ohel, you pervert!  Go get a life!    I'll tell you what! After you go get your teen camp abortion I'll go get a life. How about it?

So who's right, the Yated or the Jewish Press? Well, it depends how sensitive you are. Like I said, if you're coming fresh off the Internet and you pick up a Jewish Press, chances are that nothing will bother you. But if you're coming out of yeshiva and you take a Jewish Press, it probably will bother you. After all, you're not allowed to stare at a pretty girl, or a married woman even if she's ugly, or any other thing that will turn you on, like animals having sex, or colored clothes of a woman you know. (The bottom of Avoda Zarah 20a) 

I got a question for you. What if the woman  wears black?  Do you know why all the women wear black today?  Because they are sitting Shiva for their husbands, who are married to their Blackberries.

Now what do you say about Mordechai Ben David, who will not perform at a concert unless they have separate seating. Is he crazy or not? Well let's see what the Torah says. (Zecharia 12,12) "The land will mourn each family by itself. The house of David by itself, and their wives by themselves. The house of Nathan by itself, and their wives by themselves. The house of Levi by itself, and their wives by themselves. The family of Shimi by itself, and their wives by themselves. And all the remaining families, each one by itself, and their wives by themselves. 

So the Talmud says, "if you're busy mourning, plus the Yeatzer horah is already dead, (At the end of days) and still you have to separate the men and women, how much more do you have to separate the men and women by Simchat bais hashoeiva when everyone is so happy, and the Yeatzer horah is alive and well. (Sukka 51,52) It's high time that Orthodox Jews got out of their diapers, and they stopped acting like the 1950's, when you couldn't afford to be very frum. 

What is very interesting is that if you would have asked me I would have said "don't cover one eye, and don't put on makeup, so you won't be so pretty". Why cover one eye and then put on makeup? But you see that a Jewish girl always has to make herself pretty, even if she's very frum, and you don't say "he should love me as I am". If that's the case, then don't take a shower either! This is not a joke. Many girls have this krenk. They also don't cut body hairs and moles, and then they complain that nobody wants them. The whole reason why a man is not allowed to cut body hair is because It's a woman's thing to do. (Nazir 59)

I had a brown mole on my arm for much of my life, until one day I decided to get rid of it. So I ripped it out. I think I used a cuticle nipper. Now there is nothing there, just a slight bump.

We also find by big tzadekim that their wives used to dress up fancy with makeup so the husband should not have to look at other women. (Tainis 23b) We also find that a girl who enters marriageable age may put on makeup and wash her hair even while she's sitting shiva, so the boys should run after her. (ibid 13b)

So at the end of the day what's the deal with Beit Shemesh? Well, if all Tznuot  went around covering one eye, then you can also do it. But if nobody is doing it, and all of a sudden you get this frum urge to put on a Burka, it's not frumkite, it's retarded. The first thing is that you have to be normal.   Al tifrosh min hatzibur. 

I also don't see the point of putting on a Burka if everyone is on the Internet anyway. Does anyone know why the Internet is called Achsa ? Achsa was the daughter of Calev  and Miriam. Miriam  was sick and not pretty and no boy wanted to touch her. (That's why she was called Azuva) But Calev married her anyway because of her great holy family. At the end of the day she became very pretty, and anyone who saw her (happened to see her) got the urge to have relations with his own wife. (Sota 12a)  And her daughter was so pretty that anyone who saw her got angry at his own wife. (Tmurah 16a) That's why she was called Achsa, from the word kaas (anger) The Internet is the same thing. After you see all the stuff on the Internet you get angry at your wife.
If you want to know why I'm on the Internet, look at "The games of hell". Click oct 17.

Hey! I have a question for HASC. Every time they red a Shidduch they always say that the girl is "special". Does this really mean.........?    Do I have anything to worry about?

This one is serious. If a boy marries a rich girl because he needs to drive to yeshiva in a brand new Acura, but he doesn't really like the girl, he makes Hatov vehamaitev for the money, and Baruch dayan hoemes for the girl. (Magen Avrohom 222)   (See the end of Mar 14, 2012)