March 20, 2011

If Obama is Gog

Gog is a big tyrant from the past, whom G-d has some unfinished business with. He may be a reincarnation of Nimrod, or nevuchadnetzar, or sancherev. We don't know. But we do know that he will gather all the nations against Israel at the great war of Gog and Magog at the end of days. We are now holding by the end of days. The war of Gog and Magog will be different then all other wars till now. This war will be against G-d and the messiah (Tihilim 2, Brachot 10a, Avoda Zara 3b) This war is a trap. G-d will finally pay back those nations for everything they did to the Jews the past 2500 years.

Nobody who marches on Jerusalem will come back alive or dead. The animals and the birds will come from all over to eat their carcases and drink their blood. After that it will take 7 months to bury the bones. That's how many bones there will be around the outskirts of Jerusalem. Eugene from Albany once told Bob Grant that Israel has 240 nuclear bombs which they will use against Europe. I don't know where he got this number from, but 240 is the numerical value of "Amaleik", the worst enemy of the Jews. (A grandson of Esau) The prophet also says that the lands of the enemy (We don't know which) will burn for 7 years, and the fires will be lit not by wood but by "neshek". (weaponry)

When the prophet talks about Gog, he doesn't call him Melech (king). He calls him Nesi (president) (Yecheskel 38) If you take the last letter of the first Nesi, and you count every 7 letters, you get the word "Obama". We all know this. (Notice the number 7 all over the prophecy) This would explain why Obama is kissing up to all the bad guys of the world. He needs a fat "Israel hating" coalition, and he wants Israel to be surrounded by the Muslim Brotherhood and Al- Qaeda, on top of everything else. This would also explain why Obama acts like the king of the world and he's a big internationalist. (We all know how much the UN loves Israel) If Obama is really Gog, then he would have a one track agenda, and he would use all of America's money just to accomplish that goal. (The hell with everything else)

Obama! Polish your shoes and straighten your tie. G-d is waiting for you! He waited a few thousand years for this. When the world will finally see that no atom moves in this world unless G-d wills it to move. After all, the only thing that holds atoms together is energy, in case you didn't know. If the energy would stop, the world would collapse into nothing. So where does this energy come from?

The truth is that we will not know until the last minute who "Gog" is, and which land "Magog" is.  Also check out Zecharia 12 till the end.   Happy Purim!

P.S. Hay Eugene! Keep up the good work. It's only because of you that the Arabs are scared to fully attack Israel. And stop calling the talk shows using 10 different names. Just stick to one name and you'll be famous. And I'm sure that you'll be smart enough not to join the march against Jerusalem. We need you. Your call is important to us.

Most people in the world think that G-d is an idiot. He let the Europeans do what they did to the Jews, and then he just sits back and does nothing. Well, G-d is not a human being. A human being first gets very angry, and then his anger slowly abates day by day. G-d is not like that. He can hold himself back for thousands of years, and then let out his fury full force as if it happened yesterday. G-d is above time.

THIS IS G-D'S UNBELIEVABLE STRENGTH, THAT HE CAN HOLD HIMSELF BACK FOR 70 YEARS! But when the time comes to let loose, no creature in the world will escape his wrath.

My suggestion is that you should watch as many dirty and perverted movies as possible, because the day the Messiah comes the ballgame is over. I promise you. The day Ben David comes, the world as we know it will come to an end.

The defeat of Gog and Magog will be Sukkes time. (Sep-Oct) (We just don't know what year) And this is why we say the prophesies of Gog and Magog on Sukkes. (poskim)

I'm sure that by now many people will say that i'm just hallucinating. There is no G-d! So I have one question for you. How come it's impossible to get rid of the tiny Jew? How come when you wake up in the morning the Jew is always there just like the sun is always there? Think about it.