February 4, 2011

Ultra orthodox violence

There was once a "tzedokey" who did the wrong service at the temple (they did not believe in the oral Torah, and hence did not believe in the water libation), and everybody pelted him with their esrogim. (The end of Sukka 48). Not only did they do that, but they also threw rocks which damaged the altar (ibid). According to one version in yerushalmy the "tzedokey" even died from the pelting.

According to Josephus this tzedokey was non other then king yannai, who was one of the chashmonai kings, and who killed out all the sages (kiddushin 66). Josephus also says that yannai killed 50,000 Jews partly because of this.

The Talmud is not a history book like Josephus. The Talmud will only tell you a story if you can learn something out of it. For example, the Talmud did not have to tell us that the object that they threw was an esrog, if not to teach you that the water libations is done in the morning when we take out the esrog. (Yoma 26b).

Another example is in Sanhedrin 75a, where the Talmud tells us a very interesting story, but it never told us the outcome of the story,(Did the guy end up dying or not?). This is because the Talmud had nothing to learn from the outcome.

Actually, it is the mishnah that told us about the esrog (the top of sukka 48b), and it is well known that the mishnah was written extremely concise, and not one word is extra.

It does not say anywhere in the Talmud that the mob did anything wrong by pelting the tzedokey. Don't you think the Talmud should have made a big stink if 50,000 Jews died because of this? Or even if one Jew died because of this?

If Josephus is really right that 50,000 Jews died because of this, and the Talmud totally ignores this, this just shows that the Talmud had nothing to learn from the outcome, and the mob did the right thing.

So the next time the heretics make a provocative prayer service at the western wall, and somebody throws oranges at them, don't feel too bad about it, and don't feel embarrassed that you're orthodox, because to make "nice, nice" to them will not get you anywhere. They will only destroy you and  your children.

That's right! People that are provocative are not interested in becoming a bal tshuva. They are only interested in destruction. So the only way to deal with them is to fight against them. (I'm not saying to go against the law of the land. I'm just saying not to take this baloney that orthodox Jews are a disgrace)

Just look at America today. America did not wage war against all the deviant groups, so now the deviant forces are forcing their lifestyle down everybody's throat. It's all over the TV, the movies, the classrooms, and who knows where!

This is why the Torah is always telling us to get rid of evil (When we had the power to do so). Do not make "nice,nice" to them, just get rid of them!

Had the Jews gotten completely rid of the Canaanites like G-d told them to, they never would have learned from their evil ways, and they never would have gone down the drain, and they never would have fallen into the clutches of the nations. (Tehilim (Psalms) 106) 

The problem is that the Jews were lazy and compassionate, and they did not completely kill out all the Canaanites like G-d told them to do. And because of this compassion we got the gas chambers, the Inquisition, the crusaders, and everything else.

How do you like that!  2500 years of hell just for a little compassion!  Just for a little tolerance!

And this is what it says in Devorim 20.(Deuteronomy) "Unlike the other nations at  war with you, where you can keep the women and children and everything else for yourselves, the Canaanites are different. You may not leave anybody alive, because if you don't wipe them all out, they will teach you their evil ways, (Like to sacrifice their own kids to the demons) and you will go down the drain. (Which is exactly what happened)

The Talmud says in the end of Sanhedrin 63 that the father of the Jewish king Chizkia wanted to sacrifice Chizkia (I guess as a child) to the gods. So his mother smeared the blood of a certain creature called "Salemandra" on the child. This blood is fireproof.

The Talmud also says (ibid) that the Jews knew that idol worship is B.S., but the only reason why they did it was to get rid of G-d and legalize forbidden sexual relations. America is the same thing. We all know that our great grandfathers were not monkeys, but we believe it in order to get rid of G-d and legalize all the forbidden sexual relations in Leviticus 18 and 20. I don't understand what's wrong with a perverted congressman if his grandfather was a monkey anyway!

The same thing is with the Magen Tzedek crowd. They replaced the religion of Torah with the religion of being "green", in order to get rid of G-d, and legalize gay marriage, which they do.

All the Jewish groups that leave the Torah always disappear. They marry non Jewish girls, and the kids are gentiles. It goes after the mother. (Because G-d said so, Kiddushin p3, m12) But it's not these Jews that gets G-d nervous.

What gets G-d nervous is when the "Torah " Jews start going down the drain. If nobody will keep G-d's commandments, then the world has no purpose, and G-d will destroy the world in a second. G-d did not make this world for a bunch of beer drinkers, who bang old ladies and wear Nazi helmets.

The same thing is with Israel. If all the boys stopped learning Torah and Joined the Israeli army, G-d would destroy Israel in a split second. (The end of both psachim 68, and sanhedrin 99) The Israeli army anyway does not need these boys. They have enough female mattresses. (And in a real war, all the yeshiva boys give blood and help out wherever they can)

So when the hard core Torah Jews start going down the drain and they become too comfortable in their surroundings, G-d gets very nervous. This happened periodically throughout the long bitter exile. The Chafaitz Chayim writes that this is why G-d kicked the Jews out of Spain 500 years ago. And many people say that this is why G-d let the dogs do the dirty work 70 years ago. This does not mean at all that the dogs will not get what they deserve. (I'm also not coming to explain why it had to be in such a horrible fashion)

But at the end of the day we have a hard core group of Jews who keep the Torah, or at least try to keep it as much as possible. And of course every Jew has the option of returning to the Torah. If you Just try, G-d will help you.

This may come as a great shock if you never heard it before, but when the Jews left Egypt only one out of five made it out alive. The other four died in the plague of darkness, and were secretly buried so the Egyptians shouldn't know about it. (Rashi, Exodus 10,22-13,18) The majority of the Jews were too Americanized to give a Sh.... about G-d, and G-d wiped them out.

Even though the Jews that went out also fell 49 levels into the Egyptian filth (idolatry and sex) (They almost hit level 50, which was the point of no return) still, these Jews wanted to leave Egypt to go serve G-d, while the majority of the Jews did not want to leave at all. They only cared about global warming and woman's rights. (The hell with the Torah!) So G-d used them for population control. If three million Jews stood at Mt. Sinai, twelve million were killed. Hitler x 2.

It does not look like the three million went crazy about this. It looks like they kind of expected it. Every diamond needs cutting.

There is a very big difference between the orthodox Jews who try to keep the Torah, and the ref cons who don't give a sh..... about the Torah, (even though they both may be soaked in sin.) One is trying to serve G-d, while the other is trying to rebel against G-d. (Like to push for gay rights)

Having said all this, you should know that today's ref cons have the status of a "Jewish baby that was captured between the nations". In other words, they really don't know any better. However, physics is still physics, and if you marry a gentile girl the kids are gentiles. They will need an orthodox conversion.