November 27, 2010

Chana Henkin needs a lolly

You know something little lady, I have a big secret for you. G-d is not interested in having a “dialog” with you, and he’s not interested in your prayer groups, or your lecha dodey.   What he really wants is that you should do what he tells you to do, like to cover your knees and elbows, and stop being a yatzanit like Deena was. And if halacha tells you to stay in the background, you stay in the background. End of story.
We did not go to the gas chambers because we worshipped every stupid feeling that a woman has. We went to the gas chambers because we were Jews. Which means that we accepted the yoke of Torah at Mt. Sinai. And they (Amaleik) hate us forever because of this. 
So if the Torah tells you not to go outside and bless the moon like the men do, then you don’t do it. And you don’t go and say “I have a problem with this”. Nobody asked you for your opinion.   I mean, what did you do for the past 40 years? Did you chew through the entire shas and poskim like Rabbi Feinstein did? Or did you sit around and watch 500 channels of dirty movies like your friends did?
And even the women who think they know how to learn, don’t know anything. A korbon yoledet is not a thanksgiving offering for the glorious spiritual experience of giving birth. It’s just the opposite. It is a sin offering (chatos and oleh) because due to the horrible pain of giving birth, she swears that she will never have relations with her husband again. (Nidda 31b)
And even though Rav Yosef  does not understand exactly how this works (ibid), this is not an automatic knockout of what  Rabbi Shimon ben Yochai said. And this is indeed the accepted reason why she brings a korbon yoledet.
Another main reason is what the Ibn Ezra says, that because of her terrible pain, she may have had bad thoughts or speech against G-d. So she brings an oleh for bad thoughts, and a chatos for speech. According to this reasoning, an orthodox feminist would have to bring a korbon yoledet every single day of her life, because she is always complaining against G-d.
Can you imagine if Chana Henkin actually learned the entire page of Nidda 31b? Oh my G-d! I’m getting out of here! I shouldn’t have said anything.  
Actually, the people of China are in line with Nidda 31b, and the end of Brachot 59. (That a woman is happier having a baby boy, then a baby girl) They are only allowed to have one baby, and that’s it. (This law may be changing) So every time they had a baby girl, they would throw it away, and a nice Jewish couple would find it, and bring it home for adoption. This behavior went on until they had a baby boy, and then they would keep it, and stop having babies. That’s right! China has a huge shortage of girls. (Maybe we should make believe the boys are castrated, and put them in the "freezer", the way the Lakewood yeshiva does)   

The main thing is that there is absolutely no indication that the people of America would act any different, if they were allowed to have only one child.
What the feminists should really learn is Eruvin 100b, where it explains the 10 curses that G-d cursed Chava (Eve) after she did what she did. It is very interesting to note that Chana Henkin takes the first 5 curses, and turns them upside down into a glorious spiritual experience. And then she complains why the rabbis did not make a special blessing for them. This is because her mind is so entrenched in feminist baloney that she can’t even think straight. And instead of thanking G-d for giving her epidural, she kvetches, and kvetches, and kvetches.

It's like every experience that a woman has becomes a "spiritual" experience. And then she complains why the Torah did not make a big deal out of this. Like I said, she's sick in the head.

By the way, do you know why women die at childbirth? Because they are not careful doing WOMANS mitzvos, (Mitzvos that were mainly thrown at the women, like nidda, chalah, and candlelighting) (The end of Shabbos 31) So when it comes to doing WOMANS mitzvos like G-d tells you to do, the Torah makes a very big deal out of it. So don't tell me the Torah does not think about women.

It's just that the feminists want a free ride. They don't want to accept the yoke of doing WOMANS mitzvos. (They don't know what it means to sacrifice comfort for the sake of Torah, like to dress modestly) They just want to bask in the glow of "spirituality", and then go home and watch lesbian movies. And then they have the chhhutspa to complain why the Torah did not make a blessing for their "uniquely womanly" spiritual escapades.
The other 5 curses are good behavior curses. Which means that if you’re a good girl with good behavior you have the curses, but if you’re a modern feminist good for nothing, you don’t necessarily have the curses. So the obvious question is, let’s all be bad girls and everything will be great?

The answer  is that going against the curses will not get you anywhere. Just like the man's curse of working for a living.  If the man says " I don't want to work. I just want to sit on the beach all day," how good will his health be? And his mind?  
The same thing is with the women. The feminists have slaughtered marriage, lock, stock, and barrel. They killed the main mechanism of marriage, which is that the wife looks up to the husband, and the husband in turn looks back down at his wife and gives her,  her “needs” (love and affection, which a woman craves more than all the riches in the world. Ksubos 62b, Sota p3,m4) it’s very similar to a mother giving love and affection to a cute little helpless baby, who looks up to his mother for everything.
So the feminists killed the whole thing, and now marriage is just one big pain in the neck. Everything the husband says has to be challenged by the wife, so that   G-d forbid he shouldn't even think for a minute that he wears the pants in the house. And then they want love and affection from the husband “on demand”. Can you believe this?
The Talmud says in Bova Metziah 75b that there are 3 people who scream, but nobody pays attention to them, because they themselves let the problem develop. One of them is the guy who his wife rules over him. The Talmud likewise says in Baitza 32b that there are 3 people that their life is not a life, and one of them is the guy who his wife rules over him.
So is it any wonder that nobody wants to get married anymore? I mean, who needs the headache of a modern woman, if you can marry your 500 channels of late night cable, and your glossy airbrushed magazines. And you can have one night "mikva" dates, and then just throw her away?
So at the end of the day the modern woman does not get her love and affection, and when her airbrushed makeup evolves into multicultured wrinkles, she does not have any grandchildren to look forward to, and she is left with absolutely nothing. 
So what do you say MS. Progressive post modernist? Did you get rid of any of your curses while you dropped the Torah, and you were “gushing” over your so called spiritual self fulfillment? Did you get rid of any of your curses while you had a “dialog with G-d”, and you told him that you don’t like half of the things he says in the Torah? Did you get rid of any of your curses while you danced half naked together with the professional “party dancers” at your friends bat mitzvah party, and everybody was wearing a "batman" mask, because this was the theme of the party?
Was this also a “beautiful spiritual experience” because after all it was a BAT mitzvah party?     Go ahead, you can all join Chana Henkin in loolooland if it makes you happy. 
The problem is that much of your garbage is stealthily, insidiously, infiltrating the minds of our precious daughters, and this is causing us a lot of major problems. So please do us a favor, and leave orthodoxy as fast as possible. Like that old hag, who finally left orthodoxy at the end of her life. She said that she finally realized that you cannot be a true feminist and orthodox at the same time.

And now we have stupid egalitarian girls who make kiddush in the house every second week instead of the husband. So what do you say little girl? Did you get a great "feeeeling" when you made your own kiddush? Or was it the great feeling of being boss in the house?

Actually it's not the girl that's stupid, it's the husband. Because if he thinks that kiddush is the end of the story, he doesn't have a clue what's coming. This is just the beginning of a long road to hell, and at the end of the day he will try to blow his head off (If he doesn't first die from a heart attack).

And as far as the girl is concerned, all I could say to the girl is "If you don't want to die in childbirth.............

P.S. I know of one curse that the women still have today. And that is that after you do your thing in the bedroom, the wife clings to the husband very strongly, and she tells him all her deepest secrets. And then she turns around and she sees that he's fast asleep. (Thank G-d)     A woman actually complained about this in Mishpacha magazine.      No, she did not talk about part 1, but I couldn't stop laughing.   

This is very similar to curse number 6, where the wife clings to the husband before he goes away on a trip. The women have to understand for once and for all, that the husband does not need the wife the same way the wife needs the husband. And the sooner they come to terms with this, the better their marriage will be. (Click Oct 28)