May 25, 2016

Why the Torah does not talk much about lesbians

In order to have sex you need a plug and an outlet. When it says in the Torah "do not lay with a man the layings of a woman" this is a two way teaching (Talmud). It teaches you that a woman has more then one place for sex (The regular outlet, and the non regular (Anal) outlet (Layings= plural), and it also teaches you that a man has one of these outlets. So if you have 2 men, you have 2 plugs and 2 outlets, but if you have 2 women, you have 4 outlets but no plugs, so it's impossible to have sex, and oral sex means nothing.

A man also, if he does not penetrate one of these 2 outlets, (Like he goes between the breasts) it's called "sex through the limbs", and it's not real sex, and you don't get killed if it's another mans wife. 

The Talmud even says that a lesbian is allowed to marry a Cohen, since she's not even called a "Zona". However, this does not mean that you're not doing a sin, as I showed you in June 28, 2011, (Very important to see). G-d will destroy America like he destroyed ancient Egypt (See June 28). Obama did not just pop in from outer space!  (See Apr 25, 2014)