May 20, 2016

Does Tshuva help for masturbation?

What does the Zohar say? Masturbation is the biggest sin, or Tshuva doesn't help for masturbation? I showed you in Oct 20, 2014, That the Poskim talk about if it really is the biggest sin or not exactly, but they don't say a word about "Tshuva doesn't help." 

Reb Moshe also in Orach Chayim 4, page 207, talks about Tshuva for masturbation, and he also knocks down the proof that it's not the biggest sin, and he plays around back and forth. Whatever it is, he doesn't say a word about Tshuva not helping. 

I also showed you in Dec 30, 2014 (PS), that Tosfos says "Tshuva always helps". How many boys were destroyed because of this nonsense that Tshuva doesn't help?

This may or may not be true, but I read that masturbation is a huge cash cow for the Mikubalim. In other words, "you know Tshuva doesn't help, but if you give me 500 dollars i'll make you a special "homemade" concoction which will help for you" (Like say the whole Tihillim while you stand on your head). If this happened to you you know it's true.