April 14, 2016

Should you do Gerer shtick?

"The penis makes Shalom Bayis" (Shabbos 152a).
"Without sex there is no Shalom Bayis" (Chulin 141a).

"And he should "cling" to his wife" (Beraishis 2, 24). And when you do anal sex there is no bonding since she does not enjoy it (sex) (Sanhedrin 58b). "OMG!! She's also supposed to enjoy it?   (See Jul 31, 2011)

"After the destruction of the temple the pleasure of sex went down the drain" (Sanhedrin, end of Ben Soreh Umoreh). You mean when we were close to G-d the sex was great? Think about it.

Thank G-d for the Internet. If you only read "family" magazines you would think Shalom Bayis only comes from "smiling" to each other, and learning beautiful "Machshava" together. (Alot it helps). These are the same people who say that husband and wife are never allowed to see each other undressed. (Alot that helps). (See Feb 12, 2012)