December 17, 2014

The part that Mike Savage won't tell you

That the cruelty of the church towards the Jews was much worse throughout the ages then the cruelty of the Arabs. And even though the Grand Mufti was good friends with Hitler, this does not change world history, like the Crusaders, Tach and Tat, the Inquisition, and the Holocaust. And the idea of torturing and killing Jews unless they convert was not the brainchild of Islam like Mike Savage would have you believe. 

I think if Mike Savages main pool of listeners were Arab instead of christian he would bash the church and support Islam, since the main idea is all about "ratings ratings". So go back to your snails and shrimp and shut up, you moron!! "He acts like he's a great rabbi- that 'meshugene chazerfresser'

The Talmud says in Boba Basra (The end of 16) that Yishmael repented and was a tzadik while his father was still alive, and he let Yitzchok go first by the funeral, while Esau never let Yakov go first by Yitzchoks funeral. Think about it.