July 27, 2014

It's not just "tochain, tochain, tochain"

The Talmud in Tainis 23 is talking about very big Tzadikim that whatever they asked G-d to do, G-d listened to them. One time a student complained to his rebbe that his wife is not pretty. So the rebbe said "let her become pretty", and she became pretty. But then he went back to his rebbe, and complained that now that she became pretty she also became "snobby" and she fights against him. (If this sounds familiar to you, raise your right hand!) So the rebbe said "if that's the case then let her return to her ugliness". And that's exactly what happened. (the end of 23)

Today you don't have to be pretty to be arrogant. All you have to do is come out of seminary and think you know how to learn. That's all you need.

Rav Yakov Emdin says that from here you see that sometimes pretty girls are bi.... even though in Sanhedrin 100b he says that it's good to marry a pretty girl (and not money) because if you marry 'money ugly' you will end up going after other women. 

The Torah always talks about pretty girls, and Rebbe Akiva married a beautiful 'shiksa' who converted (Nedarim 50, Avoda Zara 20), and the guy with the 'tzitzis'  (Munachos 44) also married a beautiful 'shiksa' who converted. And so did Yehoshua marry Rochov, and so did Osniel Ben Knaz marry 'Achsa', the daughter of Calaiv and Miraim.

If you really want to get into this learn the end of Tainis.

P.S. Why was she called 'Achsa'? Because anyone who saw her got angry at his own wife, because of her beauty. (See the last 3 paragraphs of Mar 27, 2011)