October 11, 2013

If she's good enough for masturbation why don't you marry her?

I always say that the kids have no one to talk to so let me talk a little. Masturbation is an addiction, and when you have an addiction you have to 'feed' the addiction, so whatever does the job does the job. But this does not mean that she's a good enough person you would want to spend the rest of your life with.

The Poskim bring proof that the main idea of sex is to have children, by the fact that right after the seed comes out the lust disappears. And now we know why the husband falls asleep (Thank G-d) while the wife is telling him her deepest secrets.  But this is also the cause of the huge gilt and depression you have by yeshiva boys, because as long as it didn't come out yet you have guilt on one side and lust on the other side, and the lust keeps you happy, but as soon as it comes out the lust disappears and you're only left with terrible guilt and depression.

I would imagine that 'hot' boys who ejaculate right away would be much more depressed then 'cold' boys who have a hard time ejaculating. In fact they wouldn't be depressed at all (I'm just thinking). Less guilt = less depression. If you asked people "how many yeshiva boys masturbate?" some people may say "1 out of 10", while some may say "9 out of 10". Nobody knows. (I'm not talking about Modern Orthodox 'condom' yeshivas) But one thing is for sure. The more dreck comes out of Hollywood the more it's gonna happen.

At this point Mike Savage is right. The liberal Hollywood turned America (And the world) into a toilet, and the government did the same thing by letting wide open porn flood the Internet. Is it any wonder that the government threw out G-d and took in gay marriage? Is it any wonder that G-d "SENT" Obama to destroy America? 

I showed you already that we will not survive another generation, and that Moshiach will come when there is no peace even for the yeshiva guys; peace from the government and peace from the Yeatzer Hora (Sanhedrin 98). Nobody is growing up big in Torah with dirty movies in his pockets.

And even marriage which is supposed to help you in this situation (Like I showed you in the freezer articles) cannot cope with all the porn and filth out there, and couples are having a very hard time being clean and not cheating on each other (Forget about 'whacking off' in the bathroom). And if you're single you can use the special 'freezer bathrooms' until you're ready to see the best girl in BJJ. I hear there's lesbian action going on in the seminaries. Who cares! it's impossible for two women to have sex. They're just 'horsing around'. (On the fathers money which he doesn't have)

The bottom line is that you should keep holding on and live a normal life, and don't let the guilt get to you, because if the guilt gets to you it will eat you up alive, and rob your life away.   (See May 5, 2013)