October 8, 2013

800,000 people attend reform rabbi's funeral

Oh! It wasn't the reform Rabbi? So who was it? It was Rabbi Ovadia Yosef. Oh! So how many did the reform Rabbi have? well, let's see........

20 males
20 females
10 gays
10 lesbians
9 transvestites
8 trans genders
5 lesbian Rabbis
6 feminist Rabbis
4 trans genders who are male on Fridays and female on Saturdays
2 transvestites who aren't sure if they're male or female 
25 sugar daddies, plus 25 sugar babies
30 ex-interns who worked for the Rabbi and gave him much nachas
35 dogs
20 cats
6 gerbils
2 octopus 
2 tarantulas 
1 high speed dragonfly 
2 midgets-- one to give out tissues and one to give out yarmulkas 
1 Johnnie Walker Blue for the 'Wake', and 'lady Gaga' to sing kail malaie rachamim while dressed in shrouds.