August 16, 2013

Chani Getter: why lesbian rabbis make sense

Since according to the Torah it is impossible for two women to have sex, therefore, lesbians are extremely holy and they can get very close to G-d. When Chani Getter puts on Tzitzis G-d smiles with a deep smile and he says "look at that love, look at that feeeeeling! I wish more of my children would love me this way."

And now we know the answer to the shidduch crisis. Chani Getter says she finally found her "basherter" girlfriend. So that's what it is! All the girls are looking for their "basherter" in the wrong places! You see, you don't have to wait for the best boy in Lakewood to get your "yeshuah". It turns out that your "yeshuah" was standing right next to you in BJJ! I'm telling you, 'mamish', this happens so many times in life you wouldn't believe it.