July 2, 2013

For all you 'Kofrim' and 'Apikorsim' that make fun of G-d and his Torah on Dovebear

You should know that you're not the first 'pishers' to do this! There were many other 'pishers' throughout the generations, starting with the Tzidokim, who made fun of the Torah and the rabbis, and they all disappeared off the face of the earth. It's the 'pishers' like you whom G-d killed out before the Jews left Egypt. Only one out of 5 made it out alive! (Click Feb 4, 2011)

The 'Enlightened' Reform Jews of the 1900's also did away with banging for 'Homon', "What a not nice thing to do", but by the end of the day when Hitler came around they banged and they banged and they banged and they banged until the yellow gas went up their lungs and killed them like cockroaches. This is your beautiful 'progressive' society that you worship. 

And you should know that we all laugh at you pishers, because the more we learn and understand the enormous Talmud the more all your stupid questions get answered. If you would only sit down and learn some serious Talmud your head may get a little straitened out, and you'll end up in Olam Haba, instead of being dumped into a boiling hot cesspool, like it says in Eruvin 21b, and Gittin 57a. There must be a good reason why you pishers deserve such harsh punishment.