June 4, 2013

Why don't the Modern Orthodox understand what everybody else understands?

Basically, that learning Torah is the most important thing in the world, and the Zionists are intentionally tearing the boys away from their Gemoras. Why does Slifkin and Maryles fall into this cocktrap of 'sharing the burden'? I already showed you that Torah is more important then sacrifice (Apr 8, 2013). Everybody knows this, and everybody is finally seeing that the Satmar Rebbe was right all along (About the Zionists).

The problem with the MO is that they worship 2 gods, the G-d of the Torah and the god of Madda. Like I said before, it's the Torah in one hand and the NY times in the other. So when the Torah gets pushed to the side to make way for feminism and homosexuality, it reduces the Torah to just another subject to use for a thesis or presentation paper. 

So who needs Torah learning from age 18 to 21? It's better to join the army and play with girls, and when you come back you can learn all you want and get your college degree. Fortunately, the Charedim are exploding like crazy, and nobody really gives a damn what Slifkin and that nutcase Maryles has to say. 

The issue of poverty is not an excuse to stop Torah learning in any shape or form. Nowhere in the Torah does it say that it's a crime to learn Torah in poverty. On the contrary, the Talmud is flooded with Rabbis who started off very poor (They sacrificed their life for Torah), like Hillel (Yoma 35b). His wife and kids only got the same amount of money per day as he had to pay to get into the Bais Medrash. In other words, if he made 40 dollars a day, 20 went to his wife, and 20 went to the BM. And nobody in the Talmud ever complained "how can you do this to your wife and kids?" 

Hillel ended up very rich as the Nasi, and the same with Rabbi Akiva and others. And some Rabbis never got out of their poverty, like Rav Eliezer Ben Pedus (Tannis 25a). And we see the greatness of the generation of Rabi Yehuda Berabi Eloey, that they were so poor that six students had to cover themselves with one cover, and still they sat and learned Torah. (Sanhedrin 20a)

Of course you have a right to go to work and live a comfortable life, but a guy wants to sit and learn and you go and pull him out of Bais Medrash to go to work? Are you crazy? You know what kind of gehennom you'll get? 

I could just hear Slifkin, "you see from here that even Hillel worked for a living". OK Slifkin, I'll tell you what I'll do. I'll throw away all my programs, and I'll pump gas for 2 hours a day. I'll make 40 dollars, and I'll give 20 dollars to my wife and kids, and 20 dollars to yeshiva. Are you happy now?

P.S. Rav Adda Bar Masna was also cruel to his wife and kids for the sake of Torah (Eruvin, beginning of 22). You must say that they made up by marriage that they will sacrifice for Torah, like they did in Ksubos 62b. Otherwise it's problematic. Rabbe Akiva and his wife Rachel started off so poor that they slept on straw like animals. But by the end of the day he bought her an extremely expensive gold crown of Jerusalem, and when people complained "how can you splurge money like that" he said "she deserves it."  (See Nedarim 50, and Shabbos, end of 59a, and Rabaynu Nisim)