June 3, 2013

Lipa does reverse 'Kiruv' at Israel Day Concert

"We all love Hashem no matter how we dress." And since the gays marched with pride- with rainbow flags, they also love Hashem. So all you need today is to love G-d. "You tell me not to do it, but I feel like doing it anyway, So F you; but I still love you." You know, it's one thing if you don't come out of the closet, and you fight against your lusts, so you might have a point. "You are close to G-d; "you're not close to G-d", However you feel. But to tell G-d "F you", and to march with pride in front of everyone, and then to say "I love Hashem", NANANANANA! Mark my words, there will be another 10 'Sandy's' before It's over. G-d also knows how to F around. You ain't seen nothing yet. I already told you that G-d only swore not to flood the entire earth again, but he can still flood a country.  (Click Jun 28, 2011)