June 15, 2013

If the RCA had any brains they would copy Lakewood's "shtick"

"I'm not stopping you from getting married- you can always go to a different yeshiva". But in this yeshiva we don't let a 23 year old Tippuch boy get married. If you get engaged you get kicked out. What kind of yeshiva do you think this is? Reform, conservative, or Lakewood BMG? This is the same thing as saying "in this yeshiva we don't blow Shofer on Rosh Hashana. But we're not stopping you from hearing Shofer, You can always go to a different yeshiva." "We push off Shofer for 4 months." 

The RCA can say the same thing. "If we catch you protesting against 'Women of the Wall' you get kicked out of the RCA, but were not stopping you from protesting against WOW, you can always go to Lakewood, and talk it over with the 'gedolay hador' of America- Rabbi Kaminetsky, Rabbi Belsky, Rabbi Wachtfogel, Rabbi Kotler, and Shimmy Glick."  (See Feb 21, 2013)