June 12, 2013

Eli Fink has no peace

I have peace. I learn about the flood from the Chumash and it's commentaries, and the Talmud and it's commentaries. I know that this is Torah, and this is what I'm supposed to learn. I worship one G-d- the G-d of the Torah. What does science say? What do I care? All I know is that I just heard from Rush Limbaugh that a big scientist from Norway or something with many big experiments turned out to be one big hoax. He never made the experiments; it was one big hoax! I also heard that Rachel Carson who wrote 'silent spring' against DDT was a big fat liar, who was only interested in pushing her liberal agenda. The book is baloney, and we still outlaw DDT because of it. And then we have of course the 'Piltdown Man' that I talk about many times.

But Eli Fink has no peace. Besides worshiping the G-d of the Torah he must also worship the god of Madda, because otherwise how is YU any better then Lakewood? So YU must be "open minded" (I call it "double minded") To every piece of dirt and garbage that's out there. This leads Eli Fink to say that non-orthodox Jews also have a right to darshin the Torah. Are you out of your mind???   (Click Apr 30, 2013)