June 27, 2013

Hay Slifkin! You forgot Sota 21a

"Torah will protect you even when you're not learning, but it will not save you (From the yeatzer hora) if you're not learning." So the only way to be totally saved from the yeatzer hora is to learn non stop 24/7 (Tosfos ibid. A normal Talmud Chacham thinks in learning 24/7, Tosfos). So if you're 1/4 Torah, 1/4 Madda, 1/4 college, and 1/4 evolution, you really get saved from the yeatzer hora. Yeah, yeah! You shtuup your LGBT friends in YU, and you look at Slifkin's IDF girl movies. if you really want to know what's protecting Israel just look at the IDF girl movies.