May 5, 2013

"What G-d tortures an otherwise-innocent teenage boy in this way?"

Lenewyorkais, in response to Judy Brown; "are you there Hashem?"

First of all, ideally, the best thing to do is to marry off your kid as young as possible (See Apr 29, 2013), and see Keddushin end of 29: Rav Chisda said, "the reason I'm better in learning then my friends is because I got married at 16, and if I would have married at 14, I would have told the Satan to "go fly a kite". In other words, he wouldn't have been able to make me sin.

Another thing is that G-d never said that you should bombard your kid with sexual stimulation 24/7 from Hollywood and the media, and then complain that he can't control himself. Of course he can't control himself! Even plain magazines have sex ads in the back that drive horny teenagers crazy. But the parents are already "over the hill", and they say "wa? wa? What are you talking about? 

G-d is not torturing teenagers, Hollywood is! And not only is Hollywood torturing teenagers, it's torturing everybody, like I said before (May 10, 2012) when you are stuffed with sexual stimulation 24/7 the sex overflows and goes into other area's, like after you're finished with the girls you start with the boys. And after you're finished with the boys you start with the dogs (And married women). And that's why even co-ed yeshivas are full of gays. The girls don't help; it's just not enough.

And by the way, the people using condoms are also killing babies, even though you don't have "Neeuff with the hand." (Needa 13a/b)

P.S. if you read between the lines you see that at the end of the day Rav chisda did have a problem with the Satan from 14 till 16, and his friends who married later (18-24) certainly had problems. But the question is "how bad was it? Did Rav Chisda have movies and Internet in his house? I don't think so. So they were not necessarily tortured. 

But today in 2013 we are suffering like Yosef suffered in Potifars house. Now that was torture! But that's another story.  (See Feb 28,2013)