May 7, 2013

Slifkin shows his anti-semitism (Again)

We all know that today "Torah" is very weak, and "work" is very strong. In other words, the people who learn Torah only learn a trickle compared to the giants of yesteryear. On top of that, work is very strong. It involves college, evolution, YU bible class, Kfira, Apekursis, E-mails and texts, and in general, no time to learn. Most Daf Hayomi people just "float" through the Daf. There's even a famous joke that the best thing about Daf Hayomi is that all the hard questions disappear the next day (When you flip the page). How much 'Horoha' will come out of this? 

But Slifkin wants that 90% of the kollel guys should go to work. For what reason? So that once a week they should open a gemora? So that after they come back from a 'Vagas' business trip with 3 shiksas in tow they should sit down and learn? So that after learning Torah and Mada in YU they should say "we love LGBT's, we're tolerant? So that they should play with the girls in the IDF? All this in the name of "Torah im derech eretz"?  What will be of the Torah? Will we end up with rabbis like JB's Talmidim who are certified Kofrim?   (see Mar 10, 2013)